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Hair Replacement Center & Hair Loss Remedies in San Antonio, Texas

Your hair troubles disappear at our Hair Replacement Center in San Antonio, Texas. Our hair loss remedies give you the beautiful, flowing locks of your dreams. No contracts or club memberships are required.

Hair Replacement Center

Rely on us for your hair loss remedies. Non-surgical hair grafts, Hollywood front hairlines, and wigs for chemotherapy or other purposes are all available at our center. Come in for a consultation or set up an appointment with our qualified designer and stylist.

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Experience You Can Trust

The owner of our Hair Replacement Center has been in the industry since the 1970s. You receive high-quality hair loss remedies and save money when you come in to our facility. The center has been open for 37 years and has gained a reputation for excellence in the community.


Hair Services

Bring us a picture and we will work to meet your hair style expectations. Consultations and appointments are available to discuss your hair loss remedies. Turn your hair problems around today and look years younger instantly with our non-surgical hair replacement services.

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Contact us in San Antonio, Texas at 210-615-8485, to schedule an appointment at our hair replacement center.

Celebrating 37 Years in Business